Thursday, 14 August 2014

Some exclusive illamasqua!

  The other day I received Illamasqua’s International Season collection exclusive to Selfridges. Illamasqua is a British make up brand. So I tried out the exclusive products and to be honest I was very impressed! Here they are...
  This is a Brow gel, I found this very useful as the colour looks so natural so it's perfect for everyday use without the need of full make up. Also it's a really light gel meaning it's easy to apply which is also the reason why it makes it look natural. 

The sculpting powder duo also known as a contouring pallet. It's matte and powdery which makes it light on the skin if your like me a person that doesn't like a lot of make up on your face yet you want to out line your features then this is perfect for you!
This is a  Highlighter great for final finish to outline those cheek bones!

Then this is my favourite out of the collection! The lipstick is so perfect for daily use it moisturises the lips yet gives a nude pink matte finish to your lips, my favourite lipstick so far!

You can find all the above products at their counters in selfridges London 

Feel free to check out other amazing products they provide on their website and instagram page: