Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Daniel wellington classic watch.

The other day i got my first Daniel  wellington classic through the post, i believe every person both women and men should own a classic DW watch because they're just simply classics! and are perfect for everyday use wether its uni, work or school. they are light weight and fashionable. I went for the classic durham 36mm in rose gold . its suits most of my wardrobe and basic colour and wasn't very pricey and with my 15% off code ( HudziiDW) you can get an extra 15 percent off the price when purchasing your watch from before the 15 june. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

burgundy is the new black! winter 2015

yes that is right, black has become so mainstream. yes it  has always been there all the time, but this years its all about burgundy this winter with catwalks and high streets filled with burgundy pieces. its actually one of my favourite colours. quite fascinating it suits pretty much all the colours and also looks pretty good for those dark winter nights. So here is some pieces i really liked and think they make pretty hot items in the 2015 winter closet! 


                                                             THEORY-  PONCHO



Wednesday, 10 June 2015

When high street meets high end.

Today was a causal day down town, I wore my red boy bag styled it with a long cardigan and black shirt dress. It was a pretty dark outfit but was very cool for the London hot weather.

cardigan - Primark 
dress: Asos 
bag: Chanel boy bag small size 
shoes: Asos

spread modesty xx

Sunday, 5 April 2015

What to wear where - Bags.

Every location has its own type of bag which should be worn to. Even the time of day is a factor of choosing which bag you should wear to a spicific place for example night or day. I'll be talking about what bags I believe are most suitable to be worn in each location.

In wedding or parties I emphasis massively that ladies should wear small bags for example clutch bags or mini bags. It just looks so much more classy and completes the girly look. I don't recommend large bags for wedding or parties I think they ruin the look. Here's an example of great part bags. 

Mini Hermes Kelly 
Mini lady dior 
bottega veneta clutch

Suitable bags for school or university are tote bags, handbags with straps (not chain strap) or backpacks which are currently trending. Wearing clutch bags is a major no no for university. It's totally not suitable. Below is bags I find great for school or university.
Louis Vuitton never fall 

Marc Jacobs 
Louis Vuitton back pack 

While shopping it's great to keep your bag as simple as possible tote bags or side bags or even back pack are great but simple textures/materials should be used nothing too shiney or too busy with jems. Below is bags I would recommend for use. 

Louis Vuitton speedy 

Goyard tote bag 

Valintino handbag. 

Hope you've found this post useful 😌