Thursday, 15 August 2013

Cheat the designer!

Today while I was shopping I found a couple of shops inspired by designers in their bags. I'm talking about inspired to an extent they look pretty similar but without the designer name/logo and the eeky price. Most of the bags are the top trend bags.
   Image 2 of LEATHER BAG WITH METAL TAB from Zara

On the left is a YSL black bag pretty old season. and on the right is the ZARA inspired version costing £109.00
Image 1 of MINI OFFICE CITY BAG from Zara

On the left is the Prada Saffiano mini bag and on the right is the Zara mini city bag costing £29.99 

On the left is the Micheal Kors studded Hamilton bag and on the right is the Primark's bag costing less then a quarter of the price £15

on the left is the Prada spring 2012 collection bag and on the right is a Primark's bag costing £18  

I could carry on forever comparing designer inspired bags. its good in a way that you can find designer look alike bags for less and still look good. But as designer shops such as Zara they should make their own designs rather than get ideas from other designs.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Eid ilftr day one outfit...

Today its day one of eid ilfitir. not so excited because I'm in London. but dressing up always makes me happy. I realised coloured  kumons/kaftans have been the trend lately and I wanted to wear something new so I found this perfect kumono while I was shopping. and here's how I rocked it.

Outfit Details:
kumono: Primark
Maxi dress: By me
Belt: Matalan
Shoes: Priamrak
Kelly bag: Hermes
Watch: Dolce & Gabbana

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hijab inspiration outfit with a maxi skirt ...

Details :
Skirt: Forever 21
Shirt : Harvey Nicolas
Shoes : Chloe
Bag : YSL
Watch: Michael Kors  
Belt : H&M
Bracelet: Van Cleef          

Friday, 2 August 2013

Hessa Alkhattaf @khattafya

Hessa Alkhattaf  also known as khattafya is a young Kuwaiti fashion blogger. I personally chose her today due to her modest style. while I was looking through her Instagram I noticed her outfits are very modest and fashionable at the same time. she's a great inspiration to other Muslim girls due to her fashionable and modest style. Also her outfit of the day pictures are very nice, high quality and very clear. which I see as very important for a fashion blogger as the outfit my completely show. i asked her a couple of questions and here is what she replied with. she was really friendly and sweet when I asked her the questions.

The black skirt in the picture is from her
fashion line >

1-What inspired you to start your own blog?
●كنت اتابع الموضه بشكل متتابع و لاني احببت الاهتمام الزائد في نفسي و قمت بإضافة اللمسات الخاصه لي في حياتي اليوميه ، و عند تشجيع اقاربي لي تم فتح المدونه ولكن الان تم الغائها ولكن فقط املك لي حساب في الانستقرام بسبب لا املك الوقت الفاضي لمتابعه المدونه و طرح كل ما هو جديد .
 she always had an eye for fashion. and with her family and friends support she opened a fashion blog, However now she has closed it as she hasn't got enough time. However she still posts photos on her instagram account.
2- Give us an insight into your daily routine/typical day ?
●حياتي اليوميه ليس مثل كل يوم ولكن اجزئها بعض الاحيان اكون في قرفتي و اصمم ثياب الخاصه في علامتي التجاريه 
و اليوم الاخر اخصصه للتسوق و الاخر لجلسات الاهل و الاقرباء .
she doesn't have a specific routine,  sometimes she simply sits in her room and sketches designs for her clothing line, some days are for shopping and other days are family days,
3-where would you like to see your blog in the future? 
●كنت اطمح الى العالميه و الحمدالله لانه تم دخوله و زيارتها ما يقارب 123.648 الف من أنحاء العالم و ليس فقط في الوطن العربي ولكن من الغرب ، الشرق ، الشمال و الجنوب ... لم اكن اعلم بانني سوف اصبح بهذه الشهره ولكن احمد الله باني تفوقت في ذلك و لم اكن مثل غيري من المدونات .
shes was wishing for international fame, but she has achieved that. she has 123648 blog views from around the world and shes really happy with that. *one of them is me -London hehe*
4- what's your favourite designer or brand ? 
●افضل علامه تجاريه بالنسبه لي لا يوجد ولكن احب الاماكن المتواضعه وليس المبالغ فيها لكي تكون لكل الناس ولا تظلم احد.
ولكن من ناحيه المصممين العرب احب تصاميم وإبداعات شاب احبب ان يكون في عالم الموضه و وضع لمساته الخاصه 
●ولكن من المؤسف انني ارى شاب في عمر الزهور و ابداعاته ولكن الغير يتم استيلاء على تصاميمه و يقومون باخذها و سرقه التصاميم ولكن عند رؤيه تصاميه على فتاه اخرى في السوق اعرف بانه هذا هو من تصميم يوسف و هذه هي الماركه التي احبها مجرد النظر اليتها و بدون اي رمز يتم معرفتها و معرفه صاحبها و مصممها .
she doesn't have a favourite brand but she likes the designs of @J_by_yousif . He's a young Kuwaiti designer with lovely and unique designs.
5- where do u normally shop ? Any specific mall or shop ? 
●افضل التسوق في الكويت و خاصة في مجمع الافنيوز لانه يترواح اكثر من 50 محل و يوجد فيه الماركات و غيرها من المحلات المتواضعه و الاغلب احب ان اشتري من H&M لانه يتمتع بكل نواحي الملابس من رياضيه و رسمي ....الخ.
She's likes shopping in the Avenues mall (Kuwait ) because it has more then 50 shops. she likes to shop at H&M which is also my favourite shop.
6- do you have a specific fashion icon, if yes who?
●في العرب لا افضل احد ولكن من الغرب نعم
She doesn't have a specific Arab fashion icon however she has a non-arab fashion icon.
7- what advice would you give to bloggers that have just started their journey ? 
●ليس كل من حب الموضه او اعجبته الموضه يقوم بعمل المدونه ولكن من يمكنه تحمل مسؤليه المدونه يقوم بفعلها لان المدونه مثل النصف الاخر للشخص العاشق للموضه تريد الاهتمام بها و طرح كل ما هو جديد من افكار


Also she has recently launched her own fashion line also called 'khattafya' you find it on her instgram page @Khattafya <3 p="">
Thank you Hessa for you time and i wish you best of luck.