Thursday, 15 August 2013

Cheat the designer!

Today while I was shopping I found a couple of shops inspired by designers in their bags. I'm talking about inspired to an extent they look pretty similar but without the designer name/logo and the eeky price. Most of the bags are the top trend bags.
   Image 2 of LEATHER BAG WITH METAL TAB from Zara

On the left is a YSL black bag pretty old season. and on the right is the ZARA inspired version costing £109.00
Image 1 of MINI OFFICE CITY BAG from Zara

On the left is the Prada Saffiano mini bag and on the right is the Zara mini city bag costing £29.99 

On the left is the Micheal Kors studded Hamilton bag and on the right is the Primark's bag costing less then a quarter of the price £15

on the left is the Prada spring 2012 collection bag and on the right is a Primark's bag costing £18  

I could carry on forever comparing designer inspired bags. its good in a way that you can find designer look alike bags for less and still look good. But as designer shops such as Zara they should make their own designs rather than get ideas from other designs.

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