Friday, 25 July 2014

The London tourist guide

Its summer holiday and many of my readers have decided to come London to explore a completely different part o the world. so to help get the most o your trip to London I decided to help with a couple of new places you in visit in London, and also cover other parts of your trip to London such as your transport and accommodation. I will be covering each area with great places you can visit. the first ones in the list will be my most recommended places.

Walks: the best part o London is the night time walks in the cold breeze weather, or simply morning walks with beautiful sights. here is a couple of places I recommend...
  • Queens walk
  • Jubilee walk
  • Knightsbridge
  • London bridge
  • Piccadilly circus  
  • Trafalgar square
  • Leicester square 
Shopping- probably the main reason you decided to come London
  • Covent garden - its also a great place for just walking
  • Oxford street
  • Savile row - High end designers
  • Bonds street & Mayfair - High end designers
  • Westfield's London - closed shopping mall with restaurants perfect for the rainy British weather, also has 'the village' with some high end designer shops.
  • Knightsbridge (Brompton road) -  also a lovely place for just a walk
  • Canary Warf
  • Kings road
Outlet shopping places : Outlets are shops that sale the past collection for a lower price
  • Bicester village - most one I would recommend if your looking for high end designers, its outside London however you can take a couch/ bus  straight there or by train. 2 hours from London.
  • Swindon - also outside London has more of the casual wear shops and less of the high end designers.
  • London designer outlet - Open roof, not very much o high end designers . most are high street brands such as H&M and Marks and spencer
Family day out / Museums :
  • Thorpe park : theme park for both the older and children.
  • London dungeon: Not for kids
  • London Thames  river cruise
  • Madame Tussauds - seeing wax celebrities perfect for your social networking posts.  
  • London theatres : watch a theatre play, my recommendations 'Wicked' & 'Oliver twist'!
  • Bank of England museum
  • Longleat safari park: drive thru and see the wild animals

London from  above: for photography or just a beautiful view and experience
  • The shard - Tallest building in London
  • London helicopter tour - book in advance online
  • London eye  


Buses and trains: check the closest train station to your destination and check which line takes you there. I recommend you take a zip oyster card ( you can top it up at any train station and some corner shops) its cheaper and saves you the hassle of buying a ticket every time. you top it up and tap it every time you enter the bus or train station.

Black cabs: black cabs are London's trade mark very spacious and the total cost depends on how long it takes the driver to get you there, so with traffic you'll be paying double.

Mini cab: If your a family or simply cant be bothered for the hassle of  public transport you can arrange a mini cab to drop you and pick you up from a your location, the prices are fixed and is calculated  according to the location you want to go to and number of passengers. ( cheaper then black cabs)
Here is a number of a mini cab I recommend for future reservations:  Abdullah  +44 7706305599


  • Tinseltown - you must try out their deserts! ( all halal)
  • Nandos - ( Portuguese) only SOME of their branches are Halal such as high street Kensington and park royal
  • The meat and wine co. - amazing steak! they offer a Halal menu. However NOT  ALL IS HALAL.
  • Maroush -  (Lebanese) all Halal
  • Chutney Mary -(Indian) all halal
  • Gourment burger kitchen - grilled chicken isn't Halal
  • Levant - Lebanese, all halal

And I guess I have covered it all choosing the best places in London, I hope you all enjoy your stay!


  1. Thank you so much hudzi! ❤️ and what about the weather? Is it reeally hot? What kind of clothes should i pack? :( thanks again!

    1. the weather is pretty hot! get light clothes with a couple of cardigans for the random rainy days.

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