Saturday, 2 November 2013

kuwait - Grand avenues

And I'm finally in Kuwait! I gave grand aveneus a visit to see what the big hype was about. 5 HOURS SPENT AND I DIDNT NOT GET BORED. I loved the souk part, traditional old shops. then theres
 the luxury part with all the designers. a little world I would call it. super thumbs up!

Grand avenues walk way

changing room mirror of Fortune cookie store (filled with stickers)

fortune cookie store obsessed! pretty little details, found in the souk part of the grand avenues.

cute little idea! Basbosa is a traditional Kuwaiti desert/ cake. and here they baked it in coffee cups! found in one of the traditional cafes in the souk, forgot the name :(
outfit details:
Shirt : zara
trousers: zara
shoes: Primark
bag: Hermes Kelly

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