Thursday, 2 January 2014

just a little wake up call...

We all know that social media had got us to know many wonderful people of different parts of the world with different interest and backgrounds.  But we tend to forget or possibly neglect the downside of the "wonderful" social media and networking had brought into our lives, yes social media got us to know more people but we had forgotten those close to us we had neglected those by our sides.  

I may possibly sound like i am contradicting myself as i use social media myself and have met many new friends via social media, BUT i tend to control myself and set out my priorities (to an extent). 

I personally preserve social media had caused a social problem, we no longer socialise the same way we used to two or three years ago if not more.  

Think about it we spend more time in friends, family gatherings on our mobile phone socialising with people on social networking apps, rather than socialising with people that are there to actually spend time with you. What if that was the last time you’ll ever get a chance to spend time with them? You’ll regret every second of holding your phone rather than actually spending it with them. I know I defiantly would. So for my new year’s resolution I’m going to spend time with my loved ones. And use my phone less.

In our family gatherings we have this phone basket, where everyone puts there phone inside and not allowed to use it. That way we are not tempted to use our phones. It’s a great idea I think.
written by Budzii

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