Sunday, 26 January 2014

The outfit with my mummys jumper ~

I realised I wear a lot of grey lately and not much of girly colours so I decided to borrow my mums pink cardigan and I wanted to re-create that loose jumper and shirt look but in a modest way. so put it with this white perfect dress/long shirt my sister got me from French connection a couple of months ago. I believe every girl should own one of those dresses, coz literally it suits with everything! and perfect for both winter and summer. so yh, back to todays outfit. I wore it with a pair of straight cut navy trousers seeing as my dress wasn't so long so I couldn't wear something tight with it. I'm keeping it modest remember. And here is how it looked.

jumper: H&M
Dress: French Connection
Trousers: Next
shoes: Zara
Bag: Hermes (Kelly)
Necklaces: New Look

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