Thursday, 11 September 2014

university inspirational outfits.

its September, the begging of a new level and academic year. firstly lets talk about bags. for uni and practicality I recommend tote bags as they look feminine hold a lot and don't break your arm because they just sit on the shoulder. or there the bags with a shoulder strap there awesome to they can be hand held and have a shoulder strap when your tired of holding the bag. however make sure the strap is NOT chain that will kill! below there is a couple of my favourite bags for collage, which I find so very comfortable.

 my personal favourite is the Longchamp tote. I have two in different colours I find them so comfy and light I even use them when I travel because their so compact and light. and also there not expensive therefore I wouldn't feel bad when I put it on the floor in class and it getting dirty. also if it does get dirty I can just chuck it in the washing machine and it would come out spotless.

Anyways talking about colours. the main colours you will need is a tan, beige, black, grey and navy. they suit absolutely everything. especially when your thinking on buying a more expensive bag go for a colour that would match with everything for example black or tan.

okay now lets get talking outfits. I see this a lot when I visit Arab countries. dressing up over the top to university or collage. I'm totally against that! your going to learn you have to be comfortable and look formal its like work. keep it formal and simple. for example sequins, to much embroidery, lace anything evening-ish keep it or the evening. and talking shoes, I prefer flats for collage they look smart comfortable which wont last in blister unless there new tight shoes haha. But I would keep away from stilettoes defiantly if talking heels, wedges are good.  arm candy? a watch a simple bracelet is great, one SIMPLE band ring if you want too. here is a couple of inspirational outfits.

I hope you found this useful ladies, any other blog post requests let me know in the comments, instgram direct message or by email and I will hopefully do it! and good luck in collage ;)


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  2. Omg we have so much in commun! For example when I saw the bags I thought my fav is the longchamps tote one that I cant live without for school! And then I saw its ur fav ahahhaa luv ur blog! Will read more tomorow! Xx from paris